Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll just tie him down

Me, very excited: "Oh look at this! I should make you a pair of these socks."
Husband: "Erm...I'm good. Thanks anyways."
Me, looking up from pattern book: "Why don't you want some socks? I never made you any before."
Husband: "Because I don't need any? Plus I'll never wear them. You've knitted me enough things already."
Me: "...I made you one beanie and a pair of crappy fingerless gloves. That is not 'enough'."
Hubby: "Sure it is. That's all the knitting I'll ever need from you."
>.> He doesn't fully understand yet that as my other half he is subject to many knitted things, does he? I should tackle him when I'm finally done knitting something for him and just put it on him....with a triumphant 'Ah ha!'

Or maybe I should just find a Knitting-husband.

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Piper Poplartree said...

husbands... so silly!
I'm trying to crochet my husband a blanket in Buffalo Bills colors. I need to get back working on it. I don't think he'd ever wear anything else I'd make him. Though if i ever get to socks (my true ambition) he'd probably wear a nice thick pair of wooly ones since he works outside!