Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I received and Owl today with the information of my spoilee and my spoiler. I'm not sure the Owl was very happy when he didn't get a treat, but honestly I have more important things to do then feed a stray bird. And there was toast of the table...it was more then welcome to take some.

Anyways, my spoilee is Emma Scamander, and my Spoiler is Piper...something or other. God, I'm horrible with names. Note to self, send for sticky notes. Not that I would ever admit it out loud, but they are rather great muggle inventions.

I thought I would have at the third part of the games the camp staff have posted. Part II is a game of Wingo, and I'm not sure if I want to play that...I've never been good at hunting things down...although since everyone has already given their answers I might just browse through the posts and take what I need. *evil chuckle*.

Part III asked us to go to our spoilee and and spoilers project page on rav, and find one to write something nice about. So here it goes! If I can find both of them that is. Where did I put that owl with their Rav ID's? Ah ha! There it is.

So for shelbyknits (spoilee) I picked her Monkey #2 socks.
I love the color that she picked, since blue is my favorite color, but the fact that it isn't just a solid blue - but variegated - makes all the difference. It gives her sock such a different look from the one the designer made. And I love that the blue does this ripply effect thing, kind of like water. Just beautiful.

For Calysobard (spoiler) I picked her Daisy Afghan.
It's Crochet, and made for her. *giggles* It's a plain black background, with dozens of color full Daisy's in the middle of each square. It's so attention grabbing, since the flowers just pop out at you. And the fact that it's a friggen afghan is impressive in itself. I was done after making Ben's baby blanket, I could never sit down and make an afghan.
I like the bright pink boarder she put around it, and my favorite color by far on this afghan is the orange. It's just so bright and in your face.
...I totally want one now. >.>

In other news, I already know what I want to make to put all the stuff for my spoilee into, and thanks to Sonya from Yorkshire, and her awesome 'Thank-you' gift for having me help her in the store, I can buy the yarn for it! Although I'm torn between two different options, I'll either make both and say "fudge it" or I'll have people at the shop help me pick.

All in all I'm loving camp so far. Although no one thought to bring a small army of house elves, and I'm about to send for one of my own. I'm so not digging this get out of bed and get my own coffee thing.

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