Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Game #5

Last weeks camp game was a disaster. We were supposed to be looking for 40 golden eggs that were hidden over the camp site. Phoenix cabin found a grand total of...0. None. Not a single egg. So this week we are determined to reclaim our slightly bruised dignity. This week we were given 10 hints to which were were supposed to find the answers too. They were each a bit tricky (I'm a Slytherin...I'm not a fan of acronym searches) but I finally got them all done.

Part I
  1. Animagus
  2. Daily Prophet
  3. Bowtruckle
  4. Extendable Ear
  5. Radish Earring
  6. Forbidden Forest
  7. Golden Cherub
  8. Thestral
  9. High Inquisitor
  10. Educational Decree

The second part was a lot easier as it involved a camera and taking (or at least finding) pictures that would go with the answers we just provided.

Part II


2. Harold tried to read the Prophet, but since he can't read it mostly just stared at it.

3. I found a bowtruckle in the backyard! It was very exciting. How Harold got into the tree with him I will never figure out.


5. These earrings were made by Pinkertondesigns, a seller on Etsy.

6. Harold wanted to test his luck and trespass on the forest property. I told him no and promptly stuffed him back into my purse...where he pouted and unraveled my knitting.





Saturday, July 18, 2009

All I want is yarn

Knitpicks should know better then to let me track my packet from them. Because since Wednesday I have been sitting here in front of the computer checking at least every 4 hours to know where the hell my packet of yarn goodies it. Because I want it and I want it now.

Can you tell patients was never taught to me?

I would be a lot more calm about this if very important yarns weren't in the box, as well as a very important circular knitting needle for my friend Cierra. The poor girl has been trying to learn how to knit socks (she got very bored of scarfs very fast) for nearly 2 months now. For her birthday we bought her a book and she was very eager to cast on and go. Unfortunately the person she is currently staying with his a toddler son, who took one of her DPN's and lost it. Personally for me that would be grounds for a severe ass kicking against the parent...but that's just me. She has a set of circs, but the cable isn't flexible enough to do magic loops. So I order her one of the amazing knitpicks circular needles. That way she can finally learn how to make socks.

But, alas, I have to wait until Monday...friggen stupid delivery people. And that is why owls would be my number#1 choice for package delivery. No waiting.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Camp game #3

This weeks camp game was defeating a boggart. Mine ended up looking something like this. Poor guy, in his multi-colored robe and being oogled at by a wee doggy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am finally done with my Such a Slytherin socks; and only after a few threats and banishment into dark corners of the room. I feel accomplished. Now I'm working on a pair of for my sister. This pair is not only slightly smaller (I've taken out 4 stitches), but because I don't have enough for an identical pair, she'll get what is basically the negative of the sock (mainly silver, with the 'S' and Snake in green). Also, I didn't do the snake in intarsia...I realized that I'm not that insane after all.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

WWW and Game part 2

First, I got a Witch and Wizard Wisecrack from Bevin Mooney today. It was fabulous. She had come across some Genuine Cocobolo Wood DPN's in Slytherin colors and thought I should have them. She also included a knitting pattern for a lovely French. >w< Thank you Bevin! I love it. And yes, the pattern is even in a protective sleeve in my pattern soon as I know french well enough I'll try it out. :P

Now for the second part of the Week 2 camp games. We were supposed to take the answers we came up for part 1 and solve a little puzzle to come up with the quote that was picked.

"When in doubt, go to the the Library!" is the answer I came up with. And I could have sworn it would be Hermione that said that...but of course I was wrong. It turns out it's *whisper, whisper, whisper*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Look what my sister made!

I'm totally pimping this awesome necklace that my sister made for me. It's so totally made of win. I love that girl to death!

She made me that Slytherin Necklace for the HP6 movie premier and was going to give it to me then, but couldn't contain her excitement I got it today. Score for Nici.

And while I'm add it I'll also post the second week of camp games from HSKS. This week it's a word scramble of sorts.

  1. Chrome Cab Festers - Chamber of Secrets
  2. Parry He Trot - Harry Potter
  3. Oral Weensy - Ron Weasley
  4. Angering Her More - Hermione Granger
  5. Dry Off Grin - Gryffindor
  6. Art Darts - Dark Arts
  7. Oracle Dorky Light - Gilderoy Lockhart
  8. Chrome Cab Fester - Chamber of Secrets
  9. See Flu Oh - House Elf
  10. Parry He Trot - Harry Potter
  11. My Molten Grain - Moaning Myrtle
  12. Parry He Trot - Harry Potter
  13. Oral Weensy - Ron Weasley
  14. Parry He Trot - Harry Potter
  15. Molt Voter - Voldemort
  16. Crux Rho - Horcrux
  17. Oral Weensy - Ron Weasley
  18. Gayly Nine Sew - Ginny Weasley
  19. Oracle Dorky Light - Gilderoy Lockhart
  20. Snob In A Froze Parka - Prisoner of Azkaban.