Friday, December 10, 2010

It can't be!

Someone is obviously manipulating the space time continuum. There is no other explanation. After all, how else would it be the 11th of December already when yesterday it was only the 3rd. At least that is the deluded explanation I'm giving myself, because despite my best efforts (insert sarcasm here) my Christmas knitting list is not getting done. I've actually managed to add 4 people to it. So yeah. I'll probably be binding the last project off as I'm handing it to the person it's intended for.

And aside from going crazy with these self imposed deadlines I'm also designing my own flip-top mitts. 'Cause I never like any of the ones I find so I figured "I'll make my own."

Which brings me to this little bunny trail: My Mom had me browse through CafePress yesterday to see if I could find a t-shirt or hoodie or something that I'd like for Christmas. And while I was looking at all the merchandise, I realized that these items are designed by regular people and not big corporations or even well known clothing lines. So then I toyed around with the idea of making some of my own shirt designs and seeing about getting them onto CafePress; if for no other reason then wanting to parade around in a shirt that I designed. So there is that.

On a completely unrelated note, I sometimes really miss the days when Christmas presents really were a surprise. What brought that thought to mind? The experience of going shopping with my Mother-in-Law for a pair of winter boots that will be "From Santa". And while we were in line she plopped down some other things and when asked if they were for the others she said "No, these two are for you...just, you know, act surprised when you unwrap them." *sighs* Can I be 5, please?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freak out time

Today I was reminded that it's December 5th. That means in only 20 days it will be Christmas. I'm hitting the panic button so hard I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet. Now if I was just buying presents that would be one thing, but somehow I managed to create a sizable list of knitted gifts that I need to get done as well. They are as follow:

Sister: Totoro Mittens (one more to go)
Sister-in-Law: Mittens
Brother-in-Law: Gamer gloves
Mother-in-Law: Thick house socks
Father-in-Law: Convertible Mitts and neck gator (almost done!)
SIL Boyfriend: SuperMan beanie
Best Friend: Heart mittens

And to think that this year I wasn't going to make any gifts for anyone. =.=
But I think I can get it all done if I don't sleep, or eat, or knit anything else, or take on any other projects until I keel over from exhaustion. Yeah...that's a good plan.