Friday, March 19, 2010

What's with all the skinny bitches?

I decided to take the plunge and knit a cardigan. I had a pattern all lined up already, thanks to my Mom and her ever growing stack of knitting magazines, but when I looked at it I thought that maybe I could locate something that was a bit different (the sleeves looked too short for my taste, and the jacket could have been a bit longer too. And yes, I know that I can always alter the pattern a little so it's the way I want, but that's not the point of this blog.) So having decided that I would rather look for another pattern I pulled out my few knitting books that aren't socks, and I happily flipped through them to look for something I might like.
All the patterns were wonderful, but nothing was really knit in the yarn weight I already had but I noticed in one of the books that all the models were these amazingly skinny girls. Like the "I can fit into a size 2 pants" kind of skinny. Wtf?!
At a size 8 I consider myself to be on the average side of things and don't really have to worry about sizing issues with knitwear, but it's still annoying to see something on a model think "oh that is really cute!" and then realize that the reason it is cute is because it's on a beanpole of a girl and that once you add regular womanly curves to it the whole garment turns into something that isn't half as cute as the picture shows.
Or am I the only one that thinks that way?

In other news, my Mom created her first fingerless glove pattern (it shall be on sale in her etsy shop soon) and currently I'm test knitting a pair for her to make sure the pattern is understandable. I rather like test knitting. Make me feel like I'm in the loop. xD Pictures to be posted soon.
Also, the cardigan is slowly coming along. So. Much. Stockinette!! *headdesk*

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ravelympics results

I'm not sure how the results for the Ravelympics works, and I don't really care either. I had fun and that is all that matters to me. =)

I had been down to the wire on my last project, fingerless mitts for my sister-in-law, and I would have made the dead line for 3 more events if only I hadn't been asked to babysit at the last friggin' minute. Any knitting that I had planned to accomplish pretty much went out the window. I was rather pissed. But here are the projects that I did manage to enter on time. And I got spiffeh little avatars for them too. =3

For Felting Freestyle some awesome French Press Felted Slippers. I love these things. I wear them all the time...even if they were supposed to be a gift. Oh well.

For Sock Hockey and Lace Luge I made the Lily of the Valley socks. That's right, two events, one project. You all already know how well that went. *grumbles* But they're finished and look wonderful.
The picture looks a bit silly because the socks are made for a medium sized foot (mine) and the manikin feet are a size small...hence the little floppy bit by the toe.

And the wonderful Odessa Hat that my friend Pinky ended up getting. =) I really like this pattern and am thinking about making it again soon. God knows I have enough beads for at least 2 more.

Also, last but not least I want to show off my latest love affair, Harvey. My slightly neurotic looking fox pup.