Monday, March 8, 2010

Ravelympics results

I'm not sure how the results for the Ravelympics works, and I don't really care either. I had fun and that is all that matters to me. =)

I had been down to the wire on my last project, fingerless mitts for my sister-in-law, and I would have made the dead line for 3 more events if only I hadn't been asked to babysit at the last friggin' minute. Any knitting that I had planned to accomplish pretty much went out the window. I was rather pissed. But here are the projects that I did manage to enter on time. And I got spiffeh little avatars for them too. =3

For Felting Freestyle some awesome French Press Felted Slippers. I love these things. I wear them all the time...even if they were supposed to be a gift. Oh well.

For Sock Hockey and Lace Luge I made the Lily of the Valley socks. That's right, two events, one project. You all already know how well that went. *grumbles* But they're finished and look wonderful.
The picture looks a bit silly because the socks are made for a medium sized foot (mine) and the manikin feet are a size small...hence the little floppy bit by the toe.

And the wonderful Odessa Hat that my friend Pinky ended up getting. =) I really like this pattern and am thinking about making it again soon. God knows I have enough beads for at least 2 more.

Also, last but not least I want to show off my latest love affair, Harvey. My slightly neurotic looking fox pup.

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