Friday, December 26, 2008

Friggen frogs

I had to rip back a finished hat last night. Why? Because it turned out that the hat was too small for my head. Mind you, I followed the instructions perfectly. I worked 13 rows of the ribbed brim, then switched to stockinet to do the rest of the head until the whole thing measured 5" from the edge of the brim, and then I began the decreases. But still the hat didn't fit! I ended up measuring my head and realizing that I needed another 2".

My mother had suggested that I just pick up the stitches from the brim and work a few rounds downward so that it would still fit but I wouldn't have to unravel the whole thing. It sounded like a brilliant idea, but honestly I didn't want to be bothered doing that (do you see my logic here? 'cause I kinda don't). Plus -- in my defense -- had I just worked from the brim down, the button that went on the hat would have been completely off center, and to make it look good again I would have either had to undue the button (a hard thing to do when one can't find the thread anymore one used to fasten the button), or buy a second button and put two on the hat (another hard thing to do since there was only one of those buttons left in the bin.

On the bright side, the yarn is a alpaca/wool blend, so I could do that spiffy little end-fusing thing. Never have I had more fun spitting into my hand. xD

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby stuffs

I'm really glad that baby's are small. Mostly because projects for baby's don't take long, but you still feel really accomplished about it.

I knitted this cute baby hat for Yorkshire Yarns in about two days...give or take. xD The yarn I used was Fortissima Sock Yarn (strange, I know, but Sonya didn' think itw ould make a good I just made this)

And there is the little bugger on one of my sisteres stuffed animals. It only looks strange because we couldn't find one with the right shaped head.
The pattern is called Sweet Baby Cap, is free, and can be found on

The current WIP is a baby's headband. With intensional holes!! I've never been so thrilled to make a hole. xD I fifnished the headband part. Now all that's left is the bow.
Yayness for small projects. Tee hee.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New Yarn!!

*drolls* After a week of waiting, I finally got my Warm Peruvian Sampler from KnitPicks. It's amazing. The colors are wonderful, and the texture is great too. I'm soo glad I bought it. The whole thing comes with 5 skeins of yarn (3 50g, 2 100g), and 4 patterns that the yarn can be used for. Now I wish I didn't have 3 other WIP, because I want to drive right in and starting playing around with these uber yummy yarns. >3<

I finished a baby hat not too long ago. And it actually looked good! I was amazed. Right now I'm working on a headband for a baby girl, knitted bow and all. I'll post pictures as soon as I can find my camera again. Stupid thing has walked off again. This is the reason why I think everything lose-able should have a button that you can push, and the object will beep at you. Like the handset of coldless phones. Would go great with your cellphone too, in my oppinion.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yay for Male Knitters!!

The other day, at my local starbucks, I saw this guy sitting at one of the outside tables with a ball of blue and green veriegated yarn and a pair of circular needles, making what looked like a beany. I sat a few tables from him, only half listening to the conversation my friends were having, because I kept staring at his work. Before my eye it turned into this amazing hat, and I kept thinking 'A male knitter, this is so cool!'

And it is! Male knitters are so amazing. I aboslutally love them. =P Especially when they are the only one amoung a knitters group full of woman.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Knitting for Yorkshire Yarns

Thanks to me not having anything to do at the moment and to Sonya, the owner of my favorite LYS, having more yarn in her shop then she has knitted into something (she hates making swatches xD), I have three beautifully soft skeins of baby yarn sitting on my bed, waiting to be turned into something.

I'm not 100% sure what they'll be thought...I'm thinking of turning one (all three are different yarns and companies) into a cute baby hat. Another one might turn into a pair of booties...although that wouldn't show the yarn of very well....hmmm....maybe a cute swatch with a design in the middle and around the sides? Like a block for a blanket. Hmm...we'll see I guess.

I'll defenitally post pictures once everything is done.

Oh, did I mention that I get paid in store credit worth the cost of the yarn? >w<>


First post!

Yet another website to remember. xD Oh well.