Friday, February 10, 2012

Unemployed complaining

Still no job. Now it's only been a little over a month since I've been able to legal work, but the fact that I still don't have a job is really bumming me out. Not only is it bumming me out, it's also really grating on my nerves and stressing me out all at the same time.

Oh sure, not having a job isn't so bad when technically you have a roof over your head, internet to get your school work done, and food in your tummy. But it's the principle of the idea. Plus there are certain expenses that in-laws shouldn't have to pay for (like a medical bill, or Netflix) that become harder and harder to find funds for. Seriously, when you have a bill that needs to be paid, and you want to pay it so you don't go into collections, you start looking at objects in your room and wonder how much they are worth. Those books I never read? must be worth at least $20. That guitar that technically isn't mine but is here anyways? Has to be $50. The clothes husband doesn't wear? $3 a shirt, for sure....and there are like 20. Husbands kidney that he doesn't seem to be using, ever? I'm sure I can get at least $1,000 on the black least. But as it turns out I can't sell other people's stuff, nor do I even know where the kidneys are...sooooo.....

But I have a few jobs in my sight, one as a nanny, the other as waitress, and once I talk to my LYS, I can also see if they need any extra help in the shop. Which would be pretty friggen awesome.

In other news, I finally finished Leah's baby blanket. It was only a week
late. I got to meet the little bugger this past Wednesday, and can honesty say that I absolutely love her. She slept through the whole two hour visit, but was the sweetest, cutest thing ever, so I don't even care. Cierra really liked the blanket, and I'm happy she did. The edges were doing this odd curling thing though, and I wanted to stab them for it. How dare they curl up like that? After throwing it into the washer it also became incredibly soft which is awesome.
Now of course I really should get started on Heather's least I know what color and patter to use for her, so I'm already a step ahead. HA! yeah right. =.=

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giving it the ol' College try

On Jan 11th, 2012 I had an interview with immigration and am now a Permanent Resident of the United States. I am a German citizen, so until now a lot of things were denied me, mostly higher education and of course a job. So on the 11th I was told that my application for permanent residency would be approved (I now have a spiffeh looking green card too. =D ), on the 16th I looked into going back to school, on the 25th I enrolled at South University with one of their online programs, and on the 30th I started classes. After 6yrs of not being able to go to school, I enrolled and started classes all in less then 2 weeks. Crazy.

My mom and sister are proud I think that I'm going back.The in-laws are all skeptical. FIL and BIL don't really care I think. MIL said it was a lot of money, and is just generally negative about anything anyone does. If you ever want to be talked out of doing anything talk to my SIL and MIL. Seriously. They'd find a way to talk you out of being an organ donor I'm sure.

It's only day two of classes and so far I rather like it. The course work is relatively easy for now, but I think that is mainly so that the class can get used to how an online classroom works. Although it's largely like any other forum based website with threads and sub-forums, so it's really not that hard to navigate...well, if you know what you're doing. xD My admissions rep called me on the first day of class to walk me through how to do everything and I interrupted her before she could even get started, and told her I had already done a,b,and c. "Well," came her reply. "You pretty much figured it all out it looks like, so I don't really have anything to do now." And then she laughed.

Besides the classes being easy so far, I've also noticed that just about everyone in my first class (the University gives the first three to you one at a time so you're not overwhelmed) is going in for psychology. Or Phsycology, or Phycology, or psycology, or psycolohgy as some of the people have spelled it. I've also noticed that quite a few of them don't know how to use proper grammar or spelling. honestly if u spell stuff like this then u wanna rethink becoming a phsycologist im jus sayin cause ur not gonna be real good at your job.Yes, that is how a few people have posted in the discussion threads. Me thinks someone needs to reevaluate either their major or their English comprehension. I'm just sayin'.

An update on the baby blanket is anyone cares: I have one square to go. Decided to add a simple boarder around the whole thing to give it a more finished look. Leah in the meantime was born on the 28th. *sigh* I suck at this.