Friday, January 29, 2010

Imma spinnin' fool

Just before Christmas last year I learned how to spin, I even took a class at my LYS and for Christmas my mother got me two spindles, and some roving (which is sitting in a air tight container because it's too precious to do anything with yet), and I've been spinning like there is no tomorrow.

My Mom and I even spent an hour on etsy looking for more roving after I had run out of the super soft merino super wash I had bought from Alpaca Direct. We found really nice roving from a seller called Fiber Yummy. Every time I spin with it it makes me giggle. Not only is the color very nice, but it separates easily for an even yarn (I'm a new spinner so the concept of a producing an even yarn is new to me). And even spun up it looks really nice, wonderful transition between a strange grayish color, lavender, and green. I can't wait to get done spinning it so I can knit it into something. Too bad there are things like sleep, eating, human interaction, and other that are preventing me from just sitting at home and spin.

In other linky news (since this post is full of links, and I like even numbers) a friend of mine has shown me a very funny online cat comic, The Lumps . The comics don't really follow any sort of time line, so you can jump in whenever. Basically it's about two cats brothers, Ebenezer and Snooch, and the little antics they get into. It's cute. Look at it.

Now I'm going back to working on my spinning. I'm sure I can spin and still carry on a conversation with my Mom over the internet. I mean, how hard can it possibly be?

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Project

Last year for Christmas my mother bought me a 365 knitting stitches a year calender. I love that thing. Every day it shows you a picture of a new knitting stitch with the instructions on the side. Lil' old me thought, "I should make a swatch every day and at the end of the year put it all together for a blanket!" What did I do? I made about 20 little swatches and then gave up.
But not this year!
I'm am determined to make a blanket using this calender and nothing is going to stop me. Well...the last 15 days that I haven't been knitting might, but I'm keeping an optimistic view on all this, and will have a nice blanket to cuddle up with by the end of the year.