Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'll just tie him down

Me, very excited: "Oh look at this! I should make you a pair of these socks."
Husband: "Erm...I'm good. Thanks anyways."
Me, looking up from pattern book: "Why don't you want some socks? I never made you any before."
Husband: "Because I don't need any? Plus I'll never wear them. You've knitted me enough things already."
Me: "...I made you one beanie and a pair of crappy fingerless gloves. That is not 'enough'."
Hubby: "Sure it is. That's all the knitting I'll ever need from you."
>.> He doesn't fully understand yet that as my other half he is subject to many knitted things, does he? I should tackle him when I'm finally done knitting something for him and just put it on him....with a triumphant 'Ah ha!'

Or maybe I should just find a Knitting-husband.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so ready to set these stupid socks on fire. Just a quick incendio, and I won't even have to worry about them. Then I'll find something else to wear on July 15th, and Katie can just knit her own Gryffindor house socks. I'm still not even sure why she would want a pair...oh wait...

I've been sitting here with a little black cloud over my head for the last two hours, working on these damned heels, on these damned socks, using this thrice-damned pattern!! (Don't get me wrong, that pattern is great, I'm just too stupid to read it.) No one has even attempted to want to get close to me, as I glare daggers of death at anyone that is within five feet of my personal bubble.

And just now I realize that I have gotten the Heel turn totally wrong, so now I have to un-knit the whole thing, figure out where I went wrong and re-knit it. Remember how I said that I would use intarsia on both the 'S' on the heel and the Snake on the foot? I don't think that will happen anymore. I am so done with these stupid stupid sock. (Again this is not that patterns fault, nor Lykkefanten's fault, but my own, since I apparently can't even turn a heel when there are suddenly two colors and a pretty 'S' to work withl.)

OH! Did I mention that sock number 2 had to be moved to a completely different set of needles to be froggen and then knitted up again 4 times before I relized why I was inverting the second 'S'? I didn't?! Well let's just say that the whole thing was a very scary experience for everyone in the house and anyone who dared call me at such a moment. Horrible, horrible experience.

On the bright side -- yes, there is a bright side -- I got all the supplies I need to make some great looking , IMHO, stitch markers. First attempt too! I'm pretty thrilled.

Edit: After being threatened to be thrown into the trash and then run over by the hubbies Van repeatedly, the socks are behaving, and actually knitting up the way they are supposed to. Who ever said threats solved nothing?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Because I'm crazy like that

Finished with the leg portion of my Slytherin socks. On to the heel! Aaaas soon as I get an e-mail back from the creator of the pattern, Lykkefanten, explaining the pattern to me. It's not that I don't get it, I'm just wondering if it's a typo, or if my brain is having a dead moment.

The heel is worked over half the stitches (32), with two picked up along the side as a base for the heel stitches (makes it 34)...but then I'm supposed to knit 36 on the first row? I'm thinking it's a typo, but because I'm not sure, and I don't want to mess the whole thing up because I was being stupid and couldn't read right, I asked her.

Here is the crazy part I was talking about: Lykkenfante states in her pattern that both the 'S' on the heel and the Snake on the top of the foot can be added after the sock is done with duplicate stitch, although she also said that one could intarsia the 'S' if one really wants to do that. And guess what? I'm going to intarsia both!

So that's my laps in sanity, and I'm going to keep blindly skipping down the path of selfinduced knit-trauma until the snake hits the fan. Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Part 2 of the camp games

I've been up since 6 and have already done everything I could think of doing. I've taken a shower, the laundry is finished, the kneazle box has been cleaned out, all my owls have been checked and replied to, and all important muggle sites have been gone through, replied to, and read. So I'm doing the last of the Week 1 camp games.

As the last...second part of the camp games, we are playing Wingo! Which I totally put off until I had nothing else to do. Technically I do have things I should do, like spell my yarn back into its bin, as it has once again escaped and it currently happily laying all over the floor. Free range yarn. lol
Anywho, here is my Wingo.

In other news, I have just realized that my work desk as been taken over by yarn. It's not just one skein or ball or even's 7 balls/skeins. And three different sets of circs. I'm surrounded! And I swear the green and silver for my Slytherin socks keeps moving toward my mouse in the night when I sleep. There is just no other explanation for it, because every morning I have to move one of the green balls off to the side.

I supposed I could just move all the projects into the small laundry basket my mother gave me...but then I wouldn't have anything to knit that was close at hand. Choices, choices. least my coaster for my coffee mug hasn't been I'm happy.

I think I'll work on those sneaky slithering socks. Maybe the yarn is just telling me I have deadline. *pets yarn fondly* So well trained.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Argh! Delete, delete!!

*nervous giggle* I am SO glad that I found out that unfortunately due to our cabin having more people, and this making the numbers uneven, some of us (me for example) have been matched up with our own cabin mates for the swap!! o.O
Shelbyknits is in my cabin, so she'll be able to get on our cabin blog, and had I posted anything about her kit (not knowing she could see it) I would have given it all away! I am so glad Ophelia, our counselor wrote us that owl to let us know. This could have been a disaster, and I would have needed to start from scratch!...*purses lips* Not that it would have been that dramatic, since I like both patterns I chose for the would have still sucked though.

That is all.


I received and Owl today with the information of my spoilee and my spoiler. I'm not sure the Owl was very happy when he didn't get a treat, but honestly I have more important things to do then feed a stray bird. And there was toast of the was more then welcome to take some.

Anyways, my spoilee is Emma Scamander, and my Spoiler is Piper...something or other. God, I'm horrible with names. Note to self, send for sticky notes. Not that I would ever admit it out loud, but they are rather great muggle inventions.

I thought I would have at the third part of the games the camp staff have posted. Part II is a game of Wingo, and I'm not sure if I want to play that...I've never been good at hunting things down...although since everyone has already given their answers I might just browse through the posts and take what I need. *evil chuckle*.

Part III asked us to go to our spoilee and and spoilers project page on rav, and find one to write something nice about. So here it goes! If I can find both of them that is. Where did I put that owl with their Rav ID's? Ah ha! There it is.

So for shelbyknits (spoilee) I picked her Monkey #2 socks.
I love the color that she picked, since blue is my favorite color, but the fact that it isn't just a solid blue - but variegated - makes all the difference. It gives her sock such a different look from the one the designer made. And I love that the blue does this ripply effect thing, kind of like water. Just beautiful.

For Calysobard (spoiler) I picked her Daisy Afghan.
It's Crochet, and made for her. *giggles* It's a plain black background, with dozens of color full Daisy's in the middle of each square. It's so attention grabbing, since the flowers just pop out at you. And the fact that it's a friggen afghan is impressive in itself. I was done after making Ben's baby blanket, I could never sit down and make an afghan.
I like the bright pink boarder she put around it, and my favorite color by far on this afghan is the orange. It's just so bright and in your face.
...I totally want one now. >.>

In other news, I already know what I want to make to put all the stuff for my spoilee into, and thanks to Sonya from Yorkshire, and her awesome 'Thank-you' gift for having me help her in the store, I can buy the yarn for it! Although I'm torn between two different options, I'll either make both and say "fudge it" or I'll have people at the shop help me pick.

All in all I'm loving camp so far. Although no one thought to bring a small army of house elves, and I'm about to send for one of my own. I'm so not digging this get out of bed and get my own coffee thing.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you for posting. Please hold...

*elevator music*
Info about my spoilee and my cabin blog, and other important thingies should be coming my way hopefully today; or so I've been told. I'm really hoping that my spoilee didn't sign up for potions...'cause I suck at making anything with edible stuff. I might end up poisoning the poor dear. *keeps fingers crossed*

The lovely camp counselors came up with a few camp games, and I figured that I might as well do one of them to make this post longer then one paragraph.

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?" (post 10 things that start with the first letter of your camp name)
Honoria brought:
Hair brush
Half eaten bagel

Hard candies
Herbal Tea
Harpoon (for fishing)
(this is harder then I thought)
Hose (you know, pantyhose)
High Heels

(<---This is Harold. I've had him forever. When I was 16 I re-discovered him in the bottom of a box and for some reason I put him in my purse. When my friends found him and asked what the heck that was I told him "That's Harold, my boyfriend that lives in my purse. He has no arms, no legs, and he can't read." It was an on-going joke with all of us, since Katie had her own purse boyfriend; a Popsicle stick pig named Charles.)

Well, there's my ten!

At the moment I'm actually having more fun posting on the threads in our group. Although it's starting to get hard keeping track of all the posts, and playing catch-up is starting to get tiring. I read through like 30 posts to get on the same page as everyone else. I wonder if not sleeping for the next few months can be an option. xD

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh knittery things, and HSKS

Just a quick one before I collapse into bed, hoping that I don't have to get back up for a long, long time.

Today was my father-in-laws graduation ceremony for his Masters Degree. I think, besides his parents, I am the only one in the family that is rather proud of that. And I was the only one cheering for him when his name was called. Brandon just kinda went "whoo" and Brittany did a strange grunting noise (and she was wondering why I suggested she goes as Milicent for the movie premier)

I learned how to do Intarsia!! I'm making a orange scarf for an online friend of mine, and since she is really bubbly I thought I would add polka dots to it. My Mother suggested I do Intarsia to make it look pretty, and what do you know, it looks great!

Also, I finally got my package from knit picks, and was finally able to start on my Such a Slytherin socks (free pattern on rav). I did a ridiculous little dance through the house, and then sat at my desk for the rest of the afternoon, watching lame horror movies (although Salem's Lot was really good), and knitting. I'm knitting them using the Magic Loop 2-at-a-time method. It's really fast, but can get a bit confusing; also, after hours of knitting your progress doesn't seem to be that big, which sucks.

So I've already been sorted into a cabin at HSKS. We should be getting out spoilee's information by the end of the weekend...and I have yet to know what the personal and cabin blogs are for, but I'll figure it out. =D On the bright side, I already know what kind of bag I want to make for them. Woot for preparedness.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I got sorted into my cabin already, along with eight other lovely ladies.
The camp officially starts on Monday, but so far we're "chilling" in the cabin, getting to know each other. Me is highly excited.

I wonder who my spoilee is going to be.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thanks to Ravelry I have joined a Swap. It's the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap and I can't wait to get started. I found the group through a bunch of other group posts and links and after reading their blog and figuring out what the heck the swap is, I said "what the hey" and signed up. *is excited*

In other news: I finished the first ever pair of socks for myself. That's right, a pair of sock I don't have to give away to anyone. I'll edit the post and show you pictures just as soon as I get my hands on a camera.

Right now I'm passing the time with some Ballerina slippers until my order from knit picks comes in, so I can get started on a pair of slytherin socks that I found on ravelry. I had the hardest time finding colors that would look good together from knit picks, and then wouldn't you know I found a link to a site where someone from knit picks actually told us what colors would work well together for the houses. Friggen great. *pouts* Oh well. I'll be happy either way. I also have to make and finish a pair of gryffindor socks for my friend Katie, and all of this before the new movie premier in July.

And I just know that I'm going to have a complete melt down by the end of June because I'm just not getting the socks right. *sighs* Why do I give myself such bad dead lines?