Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you for posting. Please hold...

*elevator music*
Info about my spoilee and my cabin blog, and other important thingies should be coming my way hopefully today; or so I've been told. I'm really hoping that my spoilee didn't sign up for potions...'cause I suck at making anything with edible stuff. I might end up poisoning the poor dear. *keeps fingers crossed*

The lovely camp counselors came up with a few camp games, and I figured that I might as well do one of them to make this post longer then one paragraph.

Part 1: "What's in your trunk?" (post 10 things that start with the first letter of your camp name)
Honoria brought:
Hair brush
Half eaten bagel

Hard candies
Herbal Tea
Harpoon (for fishing)
(this is harder then I thought)
Hose (you know, pantyhose)
High Heels

(<---This is Harold. I've had him forever. When I was 16 I re-discovered him in the bottom of a box and for some reason I put him in my purse. When my friends found him and asked what the heck that was I told him "That's Harold, my boyfriend that lives in my purse. He has no arms, no legs, and he can't read." It was an on-going joke with all of us, since Katie had her own purse boyfriend; a Popsicle stick pig named Charles.)

Well, there's my ten!

At the moment I'm actually having more fun posting on the threads in our group. Although it's starting to get hard keeping track of all the posts, and playing catch-up is starting to get tiring. I read through like 30 posts to get on the same page as everyone else. I wonder if not sleeping for the next few months can be an option. xD

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