Monday, June 22, 2009


I am so ready to set these stupid socks on fire. Just a quick incendio, and I won't even have to worry about them. Then I'll find something else to wear on July 15th, and Katie can just knit her own Gryffindor house socks. I'm still not even sure why she would want a pair...oh wait...

I've been sitting here with a little black cloud over my head for the last two hours, working on these damned heels, on these damned socks, using this thrice-damned pattern!! (Don't get me wrong, that pattern is great, I'm just too stupid to read it.) No one has even attempted to want to get close to me, as I glare daggers of death at anyone that is within five feet of my personal bubble.

And just now I realize that I have gotten the Heel turn totally wrong, so now I have to un-knit the whole thing, figure out where I went wrong and re-knit it. Remember how I said that I would use intarsia on both the 'S' on the heel and the Snake on the foot? I don't think that will happen anymore. I am so done with these stupid stupid sock. (Again this is not that patterns fault, nor Lykkefanten's fault, but my own, since I apparently can't even turn a heel when there are suddenly two colors and a pretty 'S' to work withl.)

OH! Did I mention that sock number 2 had to be moved to a completely different set of needles to be froggen and then knitted up again 4 times before I relized why I was inverting the second 'S'? I didn't?! Well let's just say that the whole thing was a very scary experience for everyone in the house and anyone who dared call me at such a moment. Horrible, horrible experience.

On the bright side -- yes, there is a bright side -- I got all the supplies I need to make some great looking , IMHO, stitch markers. First attempt too! I'm pretty thrilled.

Edit: After being threatened to be thrown into the trash and then run over by the hubbies Van repeatedly, the socks are behaving, and actually knitting up the way they are supposed to. Who ever said threats solved nothing?

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