Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby stuffs

I'm really glad that baby's are small. Mostly because projects for baby's don't take long, but you still feel really accomplished about it.

I knitted this cute baby hat for Yorkshire Yarns in about two days...give or take. xD The yarn I used was Fortissima Sock Yarn (strange, I know, but Sonya didn' think itw ould make a good I just made this)

And there is the little bugger on one of my sisteres stuffed animals. It only looks strange because we couldn't find one with the right shaped head.
The pattern is called Sweet Baby Cap, is free, and can be found on

The current WIP is a baby's headband. With intensional holes!! I've never been so thrilled to make a hole. xD I fifnished the headband part. Now all that's left is the bow.
Yayness for small projects. Tee hee.

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