Sunday, December 5, 2010

Freak out time

Today I was reminded that it's December 5th. That means in only 20 days it will be Christmas. I'm hitting the panic button so hard I'm surprised it hasn't broken yet. Now if I was just buying presents that would be one thing, but somehow I managed to create a sizable list of knitted gifts that I need to get done as well. They are as follow:

Sister: Totoro Mittens (one more to go)
Sister-in-Law: Mittens
Brother-in-Law: Gamer gloves
Mother-in-Law: Thick house socks
Father-in-Law: Convertible Mitts and neck gator (almost done!)
SIL Boyfriend: SuperMan beanie
Best Friend: Heart mittens

And to think that this year I wasn't going to make any gifts for anyone. =.=
But I think I can get it all done if I don't sleep, or eat, or knit anything else, or take on any other projects until I keel over from exhaustion. Yeah...that's a good plan.

1 comment:

Dyeforsocks1965 said...

I will supply 5 gallons of Espresso to get your plan started!