Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Game #5

Last weeks camp game was a disaster. We were supposed to be looking for 40 golden eggs that were hidden over the camp site. Phoenix cabin found a grand total of...0. None. Not a single egg. So this week we are determined to reclaim our slightly bruised dignity. This week we were given 10 hints to which were were supposed to find the answers too. They were each a bit tricky (I'm a Slytherin...I'm not a fan of acronym searches) but I finally got them all done.

Part I
  1. Animagus
  2. Daily Prophet
  3. Bowtruckle
  4. Extendable Ear
  5. Radish Earring
  6. Forbidden Forest
  7. Golden Cherub
  8. Thestral
  9. High Inquisitor
  10. Educational Decree

The second part was a lot easier as it involved a camera and taking (or at least finding) pictures that would go with the answers we just provided.

Part II


2. Harold tried to read the Prophet, but since he can't read it mostly just stared at it.

3. I found a bowtruckle in the backyard! It was very exciting. How Harold got into the tree with him I will never figure out.


5. These earrings were made by Pinkertondesigns, a seller on Etsy.

6. Harold wanted to test his luck and trespass on the forest property. I told him no and promptly stuffed him back into my purse...where he pouted and unraveled my knitting.





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