Saturday, July 4, 2009

WWW and Game part 2

First, I got a Witch and Wizard Wisecrack from Bevin Mooney today. It was fabulous. She had come across some Genuine Cocobolo Wood DPN's in Slytherin colors and thought I should have them. She also included a knitting pattern for a lovely French. >w< Thank you Bevin! I love it. And yes, the pattern is even in a protective sleeve in my pattern soon as I know french well enough I'll try it out. :P

Now for the second part of the Week 2 camp games. We were supposed to take the answers we came up for part 1 and solve a little puzzle to come up with the quote that was picked.

"When in doubt, go to the the Library!" is the answer I came up with. And I could have sworn it would be Hermione that said that...but of course I was wrong. It turns out it's *whisper, whisper, whisper*

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Intarsia Bindoff said...

LOL I love those dpns. What a wonderful color choice too!