Thursday, January 29, 2009

That crazy Mary Kay girl

At the last second Carrie one of my sister consultants called me to ask if I would be able to stand in for her at the Home and Garden Show at the Tacoma Dome. After checking with Brandon I told her that I would be happy to do so. It was really scary at first, since I am not a people person in any way (most of the time I avoid talking to people I don't know). After the first 30 min though it was really easy. So easy infact that half the time I was doing little dances to keep myself entertained; there is only so much standing right under the speakers that I can handle.

But I'm sure I worried a few people when I raced after an elderly couple, just because I wanted to know where they had gotten their bag from. It was one of the mesh bags that are so popular these days, with clips of newspaper cartoons on it. I had seen like 3 people walk passed with them but never managed to catch their attention. So when I saw these poor people walk past I ran after them, heels clicking on the floor, clip board flailing in one hand, sample cards in the other, yelling "Excuse me!" after them like they had just lost a baby, or an arm. The lady gave me the strangest look (I would have looked that way too if a sales girl was running after me) but laughed and patted my arm when I told her what I wanted from them....and then she and her husband (who had the most pretty blue it sad that I noticed that?) argued about where they had gotten it. They agreed that it was from a booth at the Dome, but that was where the agreeing pretty much stoped. She said it was at a booth in the main entrance, he said it was at the other entrance by the hot tubs (dude, do you know how many hot tub sales people were there?). It was cute.

In other news, I'm pretty sure that I won't catch up with The Project...not unless I get help from someone else...which I might just do actually. A friend of mine, Cierra, has offered to work on the really simple squares for me. Which is cool...because if she can make like half of the one I need, and I make the other half, then I'll be at least cought up to the point that I can work on somethine else as well as on the squares. Like socks. Which reminds me to find all that sock yarn that I bought...and the one that my wonderful little sis got me for Christmas. *sighs* It's wonderful when your have enablers in your family.

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