Monday, January 5, 2009

And then there were only two

Remember how I said that I had a feeling I would lose interest with The Project by the time Feburary rolled around? seems that loss of interest has come way sooner then I thought. xD I have block #2 done, #3 is on the needles and I'm almost done with it, and I still have to make #4 and 5 if I want to stay on track...not counting the other projects I have to still work on, like those sockies of mine. Ugh.

Mind you I also still have to: Clean the house, do some serious laundry, find something to wear to tomorrows MK meeting, work on a mosaic, and get my room into a semi organized state. I think that unless I manage to grow a second set of hands on my back so the knitting doesn't get into the way of everything else, I won't be able to sit down and knit those 2 and a half squares.

Oh! And you wanna know the kicker? I looked through the calendar, only to discover that some of the blocks are going to be lace the heck am I going to do lace work with worsted weight yarn? Why don't they write a yarn recommendation on the back flap or something? Why does no one think of these things?! Argh!

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