Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Socks that don't look like fish

Explaining the title would be an entry in itself so I'll give you the short and sweet version. My first attempt at socks was with the instructions my Mother had remembered from way back when she used to still make socks. They ended up with feet that were way too big, and when my little sister held them side ways she laughed and said, "Sew the end top together, add a fin and some eyes and you have a pair of goldfish!" (The yarn was a really pretty orange).

Anyways, I finally bought a book that gave clear sock instructions; 2-at-a-time Socks. It's an amazing book teaching one the finer details of knitting socks on one pair of circs, so one never gets second-sock-syndrome again. It's amazing. The book suggested that for the sake of practice I should get different colored yarn, and it just so happened that I had two skeins of the same baby yarn in different in teal and blue-gray. I happily cast on, followed the instructions perfectly until I got to the heel, got really bored for about 2 weeks, and when I finally finished the socks I had a pair that looked something like this.

Since there were toddler size I made Aiden the boy I babysit try them on for me. If he hadn't refused to keep wiggling around the picture might have actually turned out well. Instead I got this

And after the sock fitting, which turned into an adventure of me trying to case Aiden around to put the sock on him in the first place (the child just has some weird issue with socks), it was some quality art time with Miss Nici. Here is a picture of what the kitchen looked like afterward. If you are a clean freak, please find a chair to sit in first before viewing the image.

It was a very productive day. If a bit messy.

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