Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why can't time stand still?

There are so many projects that need doing, and for some reason time is totally against me and brings around a new day just when I think I'm making a dent in my pile. And the yarn stores are against me too, with their sales, and uberly soft yarn that turns out to be less expensive then I first thought.

So far I am 16 days behind on The Project. I managed to knit 2.5 squares yesterday in record time, and I felt really good about myself. So good in fact that I couldn't help but text Brandon that I finished even more squares. He wasn't half as exited as I was. And then our neighbors came over and deflated my bubble of success. When I told them both about my brilliant idea, Adam looked at the calander and said, "Aren't you like...16 days behind?" Thanks for the confidence boost...

Now I know that babies are usually born 9 months after conception, and so I should have been able to do simple math to figure out the general due date of Katie's baby. The "Your Nephew will be due in March" line should have tipped me off too. But instead I put wads of cotton in my ears and started humming really loud so I wouldn't have to listen to the the approaching deadline. The baby blanket pattern I had finally picked out was really cute, and I figured I would have pleanty of time -- I mean a baby blanket is totally dueable in two months, right? And now I found out that little Bengamin (her pick), is probably going to be early since he's bigger then they thought. This kids isn't even born yet and he's making knitting for him difficult.

I worked a little on his blanket today (the first 8 rows), and I came to the conclusion that if Katie is really expecting a baby shower gift from me other then this stupid blanket, she's got to be crazy.

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