Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Project

For Christmas my Mother gave me a 365 knitting stitches a year calender. And as I was sitting there, flipping through the pages, totally thrilled that I had such a great referance, a thought occured to me; Each day I could knit a 4x4 swatch of the displayed stitch pattern and at the end of the year I'll sew them all together. And thus I started The Project.

Thus far, I have the 1st block done (the one for Jan 1st)

and only have 364 more to go. Block #2 is on the needles and I'll get that one done lickity-split, and #3 hasn't even been started yet. You can see how enthusiastic and on the ball I am about this Project. I have a strong feeling that by the time February rolls around I'll either have lost all interest, or I'll be so behind in blocks, that it will take me until the next year to catch up. Have I mentioned that I'm really bad about keeping up with things? Yeah...

I also started back up on knitting socks. Thanks to a great book called 2-at-a-time socks, it's not that bad this time. I'm actually understanding all the instructions, I'm not losing stitches and adding them where they really shouldn't go, and my friends 2 year old will have some hand knit socks to wear. In the end everyone wins.

Yes, I realize that their different colored, and that I'll have to make another set for the little guy, but the book said that for practice's sake it's best if I use two different colores yarns. And the book was right, as my fiance Brandon pointed out "You might end up knitting the stitches together and end up with one huge sock with two little openings."

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