Monday, February 16, 2009

It's overflowing!!

One should really consider buying a new stash bin, when one has to sit on the lid in order to secure the latches on the side. Or maybe I should just use up some of that yarn....naw! I'll just buy another bin.

At the moment I am staying with Brandon at his place, because my mother decided that she wanted the house to herself while she is off work this week, and while Maggie is at school. Selfish little thing that she is. It's not that bad I suppose. I love his roommates, and since they don't have any food in the house that I would ever consider eating, I'll drop 10 pounds in no time!! Yaaayy!! Ugh.

Before I came here I even stopped by Yorkshire Yarn to buy some more sock yarn, in the event that I should actually finish the socks I'm working on now, as well as the baby blanket I haven't looked at let alone picked up in 3 weeks. It's all good though. Even if I don't get that far, I'll have the yarn to play with later. Woot.

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