Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's finally done!

After a lot of complaining about it, and throwing it into several corners in frustration I finally finished Ben's baby blanket. And it even managed to still look good after I put it into the wash; I figured it could use it since the poor thing has been dragged around quite a lot.

Honestly though, I hated making the thing. It was fun for the first two stripes but then when I realized that I would keep having to make the same thing 16 more times, I was getting really bored. The twisty fake cabling was kinda fun though. The biggest pain in the butt however was the border! They wanted me to pick up a grand total of 400 some stitches onto the circs I had been using, and then knit in the round, increasing every other round in the corners. Not that big of a deal one would think...not when you hold the yarn double and now have 800 some stitches on a 38" needle. >.> Never again shall I do something like this.

But the mock cable is pretty. So I'm happy.

I'll see Katie tomorrow, which is when she'll get the blanket. Hopefully this knit I will actually see being used. I swear the two hats I made her haven't see the light of day since I handed them over. My poor hats.

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