Friday, November 12, 2010


I'm denying that it's already almost Thanksgiving, which makes it already almost Christmas. I'm denying the fact that I have billion things to knit and do. I'm denying that fact that both Swap send dates are coming closer. And I'm denying that The Nile isn't just a river in Egypt.

Otherwise nothing else is really going on. My FG swap package is almost done, and my HSKS package finally has a theme to it. Which is pretty awesome. Now of course I have to rethink everything that I was going to send my swap partner. Son of a monkey's uncle. Oh well, it's not like I was that far into my package anyways. Off I go to remodel the kit. Now where did I put that blowtorch?


Dyeforsocks1965 said...

Would that son of a monkey's uncle be your cousin twice removed?

YogaKnot said...

oh no thats no good. I hope the package isn't giving you too much trouble. I am pretty easy going so I hope you are having fun working on it. :)