Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 3 at katie's

Staying at Katie's has made me realize that I really wouldn't have a problem living by myself. As long as I have a cat to keep my company of course. It's rather peaceful being here. Peaceful, but boring as hell. O_O;; like oh-my-god-you-don't-even-know.

We ran out of anything good to watch on TV after being here for 5 hours. And after making dinner, there really wasn't much else to do. The cat is of no help in keeping me entertained. For as "crazy" as Izzy is supposed to be, she's rather mellow. Her favorite thing to do it seems is to lay down next to me in such a way that it makes it impossible for me to knit or do much of anything else.

And despite the fact that I was going to get as much knitting done as humanly possible (after all sleep is for the weak) I haven't even gotten one fingerless glove done. Which is partly because I'd rather read then knit for some reason. Shocking, I know. But the way I see it, it's better that I have the knitting with me and don't get around to do it then not have it at all. Or something like that.

Christ this laptop is annoying. The touchpad is so sensative that the slightest bursh of my thumbs while I type sends the cursor zooming across the page and I end up typing hald a sentence into the middle of a word. Not to mention that it doesn't want to click on things sometimes so I sit there hammering my finger down like it will get my point across to the laptop just how much I don't like it.

I realized that one thing a person should never do while house sitting in an unfamiliar neighbor hood in the middle of nowhere, is watch Horror movies. I love horror movies like no other, but I'm the kind of person that can wig themselves out really easily when a strange noise happens. And usually it's something totally logical, like a can in the trash sliding down, or the toilet tank bubbling, but in Nici's mind the Zombie Apocalypse is happening.

That's another thing, I watched The Walking Dead on Amc yesterday night, and would really like to know why the hell every sudden-zombie-outbreak has the main character waking up in the hospital after a long period of time? like 28 Days Later (decent zombie movie by the way). Why is it always the hospital? Why can't it be "we were on vacation on an uncharted island?" Think about how much that would suck! You come back from a relaxing month long vacation on this tiny island in the middle of the ocean, and while you were cut off from civilization the zombie apocalypse happend. I don't know about you, but I'd pack up a ton of supply and row my butt right back to that island.

I should probably (damn it! there does that touchpad again) find myself some lunch before this entry gets too long and pointless. *looks up* Whoops.

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Dyeforsocks1965 said...

ROFL!!!! Grab all my yarn and patterns and off to the island I would go too.