Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years update! and random video

Yes, I know we're only a few days into 2011, but so far quite a few great things have happened to me.

  1. The husband finally got a job. He works as a security guard and although I don't get to spend a whole lot of time with him now (aside from sleeping and I don't count that), I'm happy that he gets off his butt every day.
  2. I have a job now too! I'm a nanny for two wonderful children. The pay sucks (the parents are using DSHS, so that is the rate I'm getting paid 'cause they can't afford anything else) but the kids are great, so I'm kind of overlooking it. Plus it's still money I wouldn't otherwise have. So who am I to complain?
  3. Husband will hopefully get his basic training date this weekend while at his national guard weekend. If not, Imma be calling people and heads will be rollin' 'cause I ain't puttin' up with this sh*t no mo'. (Imagine that bit with the head-bobbing-pursed-lips-finger-wagging thing that some people do.)
  4. My second glove design actually worked out! Aside from the finger decrease...but that's a minor technicality. Have a picture... And yes, they are convertible mitts...and I suppose if one didn't like that, one could always leave the flip-top off and just make fingerless gloves.
    I'm hoping I'll have the pattern tested by people sometime this coming up week, so it will be available for purchase this coming up weekend. At least that is my plan.
My Mommy is thinking about (well, more like going through with) making a fingerless glove book. I'm uber proud of her for that. =3 And Imma be helping with some of the secret test knits for her.

Aside from the above mentioned, I can't think of anything else...OH! I've been talking with my Father on a near weekly basis now thanks to Skype. For those of you who don't knows (which would be everyone I s'pose since my friends don't read this. And if you are, come out of hiding and comment damn it!) my Papa lives in Germany. So I haven't seen him in 10 years. And while we have e-mailed each other on a semi-regular basis, actually hearing his voice, and seeing his face (he's gotten old!) is something totally different and wonderful and I'm pretty sure I grinned like a lunatic the first time we used Skype. But that's okay because when it comes to my parents I'm like a 5 year old on the inside, so there. =P

And with that I leave you on this note.

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Dyeforsocks1965 said...

Love the flamingos!!!!
....and thanks. I am very proud of your designs, too!