Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yeah, this cardigan is absolutely the most awful thing I have ever knitted. There is no other way to describe it. Not in the sense that it looks horrible, but more in the sense that putting it together is proving to be harder to do then shifting the Continents back into Pangaea.

My sleeves are longer then both back and front. So now I'm having to scrunch, and staple, and threaten the wool for it to co-operate. As it is, only one side is actually matching up...after I practically put a pleat into it. Do you know how strange a single pleat in a sleeve looks?
And then there is the side seam. It looks wonderful, until you tug on it a little and then BAM! there is my seam showing. Like a damn game of peek-a-boo. Where's the stitching? there it is!
But my sleeve seam looks wonderful according to my Mom, so there is that I suppose.

Tomorrow I'm taking the whole thing over to my Mom's so that she can look at it, and help me/fix it.

But the more I look at this orange disaster in my lap, the more I'm realizing that it's really not so bad. Honestly. If I only tug here, and sew that down, and pin here, and add a button there, and tape it here, and apply the flame thrower here, I'm sure it will look great. *goes to look for chainsaw*

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