Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 7 Homework

O.O We've lost a whole week! What did we drink last Friday? Anyways, this weeks homework was to find the 7 Horcruxes that Harry Potter has to find in the 7th book....crap, did I just give it away for someone. *hangs head* But here they are:

1) Harry Potter
2) Nagini (poor Nagini)

3) Ravenclaw’s Diadem
(Harry should have looked at
Comic Con first, me thinks.)

4) Hufflepuff’s Cup
5) Slytherin’s locket

6) Riddle’s Diary

7) Gaunt’s Ring

It's also unfortunately raining cats and dogs outside. Which is great as long as I don't have to go anywhere...seeing as I do, it pretty much sucks. And it only really sucks because I'm a pedestrian, so by the time I reach my destination I'm soaked. Especially when there are jackass drivers that don't bother slowing down when there is a puddle right NEXT to me, so I get buried by this tidal wave of dirty water. Mmmm, charming.

Also, this is a bit random, but I was flipping through channels the others day and stopped to watch the very end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret (the part where Lucius sets Dobby free without realizing it) because there was something else on afterward. But we're sitting there watching Lucius getting hit by Dobby's magic, and DH goes "Damn, that elf is more powerful then Malfoy."
Me: "No he's not. Their magic is just different. And it was their version of a knock-back jinx, if that catches you off guard it'll send you flying."
DH: ".....do you have any idea how nerdy you just sounded?"
So I guess this adds to the long list of I-don't-know-you moments that I seem to be acquiring the longer I'm married.

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