Thursday, October 21, 2010

Netflix rant and other things

I just finished watching a very good German movie called North Face (are movie titles underlined or italizised? I can never remember that). Basically it's the true story about two mountain climbers that wanted to be the first to climb the north face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps. The movie drags it's feet just a tiny bit, but it's about mountain climbing so honestly I didn't expect it to be finished in an hour and a half. But I digress; this rant is more about some of the IDIOTS that "review" (I used the term loosely here) movies like the above mentioned.

If you didn't like it, or hated it, tell me why. Did the camera work make you nauseous? Was the dialogue so bad you wanted to groan and head-desk through out the whole thing? Was the movie so low budget that you could have done a better job with your cat and a shoebox? I want to know that kind of stuff. But I don't need to know that watching this movie brought back memories of your climbing experience, or that seeing the Inn reminded you of your dead German grandmother. OH! or this little gem: "The damned program doesn't seem to have any way to correct a typo. I meant to rate it four stars" >.> Are you kidding me? How is that a review?

And it's not just this particular movie. Stupid people give pointless reviews all the time on this site. My overall favorite is still "This movie's stupid." Way to write a review there, Capernicus. I'm sure newspapers will be falling over each other trying to get you onto their payroll.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate the one or two star reviews that some people give. Especially when it comes to horror movies where you just know it's going to be bad. But for christ sake make your review count. Don't tell me "Stupid" ten times in all capitol letters. Or "movie should have been in English." It's a foreign language movie. If it was in English that would defeat the purpose, don't ya think? Oh people are so stupid sometimes.

On a unrant related note, I'm finished with my knitted item for my HSKS swap partner, but haven't blocked it yet. I've been told that various household items are best for blocking the item, but I haven't gotten around to getting them; might have to get a rock or something. Other then that I'm waiting on things to be shipped to me. The kit is mostly thought out already, so there isn't much else I can do atm.

I've been thinking about taking the pattern of the knitted item, and turning it into Fingerless gloves. I really like the way the cable and stuff look together, and figured that it will be a relatively quick knit with worsted weight yarn or even DK. We'll see.

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