Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week 5 Assignment

I'm actually going to do this weeks assignment, 'cause its a lot easier then the questionnaire from last week. Even if I was told by a fellow Slytherin that I was welcome to "peruse her paper." But laziness got the better of me, so I didn't. But this week we get to match wands to wizards/witches. Piece o' cake.

  1. Vine wood and Dragon Heartstring - I. Hermione Granger
  2. Walnut and Dragon Heartstring - K. Belatrix Lestrange
  3. Hawthorn and Unicorn tail hair - M. Draco Malfoy
  4. Hornbeam and Dragon Heartstring - D. Viktor Krum
  5. Ash and Unicorn hair - G. Cedric Diggory
  6. Rosewood and Veela Hair - L. Fleur Delacour
  7. Elder and Thestral Hair - B. Albus Dumbledore
  8. Mahogany and an unknown core - J. James Potter
  9. Elm and Dragon Heartstring - E. Lucius Malfoy
  10. Cherry and Unicorn hair - C. Mary Cattermole
  11. Yew and Phoenix Feather - H. Tom Riddle
  12. Holly and Phoenix Feather - F. Harry Potter
  13. Willow and Unicorn Hair - A. Ron Weasley (although it could also be Ash, according to Mrs. Rowling)
Also, my handmade object for my swap partner is going well. It took a little longer then anticipated to get the yarn, but now that I have it I'm very gun-ho about the whole thing. =D And thus far it's also a rather quick knit. Since I still can't make up my mind on which object to give her, and there are 3 that I picked, I might make them all and see which one I like best.

On a seperate note, I got my Fingerless glove swap PACKAGE TODAY!!!! *squee!* >3< Oh I'm so happy. Inside was a super soft cream colored slouch hat with sequins (and while I hardly ever wear slouch hats, I think I'll wear this one a lot, since it's so soft and warm), soft blue crocheted fingerless gloves, coconut flavored lip balm, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and yummy wine colored merino/silk yarn. Woot.

Well, off I go again to continue working on my knitted item. *prances away*

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