Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 2 Assignment.

This weeks assignment is to list 5 things that we couldn't live without if we were to go into hiding/camping/running away and explain why. At first I figured that I would add the husband onto that list, but then I realized that he might be the reason I would be doing the afore mentioned. So where is what I came up with.

James - As silly as it may seem, I would take James with me. He's this large stuffed animal monkey that my husband got me when we were first dating. And he's adorable, and large enough that you can cuddle him to you with no problem. And I would need something to cuddle if I was running away.

An army-swissy-knify-thingy - You never know when you need to cut something up, or saw into something, or need to unscrew something. *nods* One of those awesome does-everything-but-your-laundry knives would come in hand at times like this.

A blanket - probably the husbands gigantic fleece blanket. For all I know where I'll be it will be really cold. And I hate the cold.

Harold - Remember Harold? I mentioned in a flew posts ago. I'd have to take him for the sake of taking him. I mean he's Harold! I've had him for years and going somewhere without him in my purse would just be strange.

My baby blanket - Judge me if you want, but I'd totally take my baby blanket with me. It's not big, it's not even all that warm, but it would make me feel better since my Mom made it for me. And if I need to do into hiding I'd want something with me that would make me feel better. Plus I could always salvage the yarn somehow and made something else out of it with like...twigs or something.

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Dyeforsocks1965 said...

Awww...Harold..I remember him well :)