Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Someone make this!

That's usually what I think when I have a design idea pop into my head and I think to myself "oh that would be cute!" but I have no idea how I'll knit it up, or even how well it will look once finished. I wish I could just draw the general idea of a pattern up for someone that said someone would then be able to knit it up and write up the pattern and I can just stick my name on it and call it a day. Alas...

So far there is a hat pattern, a fingerless glove pattern (might turn into a half-fingered pattern or something), and a sock pattern all floating around in my head. And only the sock's are sorta being worked on right now. I say sorta because I feel like I should unravel them a little bit so I can change the design around a little. But that's work and I'm lazy and don't want to undo 12 rounds of knitting to do a simple adjustment. Screw that.

I'm also working on a blanket right now. No, it's not Leah's blanket (who is supposed to grace us with her presence sometime in the next 17 days...son of a betch... =.= ). Instead it's a scrap blanket for my worsted weight yarn. I have quite a few balls left over and nothing I could knit that wouldn't look like a colorblind homeless woman threw together a winter set. So I'm making a blanket instead. But I'm not into blocks (this baby blanket is proving that), so instead I'll be knitting until I run out of a color, cast off, pick up random number of stitches on random side of said knitted piece, and continue with a new color. Repeat. I'm not sure what the blanket will end up looking like, or even when it will be finished. All I know is that I'll have some mindless knitting to fall back on when I'm avoiding other projects...kinda like I am doing now.

Actually, I'm not working on Leah's blanket because I conveniently left my bag with it at my mother's house. Yes, I did it on purpose. Do I feel bad about it? I'm just not happy wit the damned thing...and when I'm not happy with something I tend to put it off instead of confronting it head on...which would explain my strange relationship with my MIL. But I digress.
I did however sew three panels together, said screw it to the way two were knitted up and decided to improvise, cast on a 6th panel, and rectangle the whole thing out a bit more.Maybe I won't hate it as much once the damned thing is done...yeah....

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