Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going to Texas!

The family is going to Texas at the end of the month for Grandpa Cardwell's 80th birthday. Because I have other, pressing, engagements up here, I will be joining the family on the 1st of August (well didn't that sound posh?). Mind you, this other pressing engagement is Sock Summit '11 down in Oregon. Hey, I will not miss out on my first ever knitting convention just because the man is turning 80, with one foot halfway in the grave. At least I'm going...that is the important part, right?

Now with a 3.5 hour flight looming in my near future the first thing I looked up was whether I was allowed to have knitting on the plane with me. And I'm happy to say that yes I am. =D I'm thinking I'll take a sock with me on my double point bamboo needles. They are 5" long, rounded on the end, and since they are a size 2 they are so flimsy that the wrong grip could snap them. If anyone feels threatened by that I'll be happy to point out the nearest pen/pencil...that will probably do more damage then my tiny needles. Then again realizing that would require someone to apply logic, and how often do people do that, hmm?

I'm rather excited to be going actually. I've never been to Texas before (I've never actually left Washington to be honest) and from what I've been told our tentative schedule is pretty friggen full for when we are there. Between visiting family (yaaay =.= ) and going to random attractions, I'm not sure if I'll get a moment to breath' let lone a moment to knit. On the bright side I'll come back with a serious tan hopefully...that is the plan at least.

As of right now I'm also spending my time knitting a lot of baby things. Not for myself mind you, but for all the people that are breeding like rabbits. I swear everyone I know is either pregnant right now or having babies. It's crazy! But so far I'm only knitting for one of my friends (the other baby stuff is commission work). I'm rather glad most of my other friends don't know about my knitting; otherwise I might be up to my eyeballs in request for baby stuff. And then I'd have to sound like a bitch when I tell people "NO! No more babies!"

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