Saturday, July 23, 2011

Halfway to the finishline!

(For some reason this entry was marked as draft, so it was never posted for you guys. It's about the horribleness that was those two baby cardigans I knitted last August.)

Yeah, I'm halfway to the finish line, meaning I have almost one cardigan finished all the way. That is if the damned thing start behaving itself. Oh yeah, when I said "baby cardigan, that will be easy!" I was definitely speaking too soon. This thing has had more mistakes in it then a first graders math paper. Here is what I all messed up on!

  • Cast on the wrong amount of stitches for the back 3 times,
  • mess up shoulder & neck shaping on back,
  • add neck shaping onto arm hole shaping on left front, undo it,
  • cast on right front with wrong needle size,
  • knit one more row with smaller size then I am supposed to,
  • cast on wrong amount of stitches for sleeve 1,
  • knit one sleeve more often then the other,
  • don't pay attention to what decreases I'm doing,
  • tink back both sleeves because of messed up shoulder shaping,
  • undo sleeve 1 all together,
  • mess up on final shaping again anyways,
  • knit too many rows for left border,
  • forget to put in button holes for right border,
  • knit not enough rows for right border,
  • pick up and knit too many stitches for neck band
  • pick up and knit 22 of those neckband stitches with a randomly long end thread,
  • then knit 2 rows with said random long end.
Oh yeah, this cardigan had just been a walk in the friggen park! And to think I have a whole another cardigan to go.
Oh, did I mention that I also miscalculated the amount of yarn I need for both, so now I'm having to go back to the yarn shop with the lady that commissioned them (alright, so that's not so bad, after all it is a yarn shop) so we can buy another skein.

Honestly it can't get worst from here.

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