Wednesday, June 22, 2011

*Zombie noises*

That would be me coming back from the dead, so to speak. It's been forever since I last posted and my Mom pointed it out so I figured I would post something.


My work here is done.

But in all semi-seriousness (this is the internet after all) nothing much has been going on around here. Aside from work, and husband getting discharged from the National Guard (it's a long story) and then getting a regular job, and the lack of sheep in our back yard, and the best friend getting pregnant, and nearly the entire family turning another year older (we have 6 birthdays from March - June), and me being 23yrs old now, and the family leaving me alone for 2 weeks at the end of July so they can visit the family in Texas. See, nothing much going on at all.

I've been slowly getting my WIP basket emptied. I finished the Candle Flame scarf that has been sitting at the bottom of my basket since last April. And here it is. I was going to knit on it when I'm at home, since it' s lace and the thought of working on a lace scarf around a 2yr old terrified me, but it was surprisingly easy to transport and work on; especially when that 2yr old was napping.
The yarn is from dyeforsock1965.

I also spun my way through 3 different rovings. One is the "Aqua" from Knit Picks. The yarn is a bit scratchy so I think I'll make a pretty hat with it; since there is only about 300 yrds of it anyways. I also spun up lovely roving called Parakeet and Hearthfire that were purchased from toplyfiberarts on etsy. I'd share pictures but my stupid T-mobile account won't let me access my photo album for some reason. On my new spindle (a Turkish spindle that my Mom got me for my birthday) is a pretty purple merino/bamboo blend from KnitPicks. It's interesting to work with because sometimes it drafts out faster then I expect so the plied yarn is super thin and I have to undo it to add more roving. But I'm liking it so far. The spindle is interesting to use as well.

On a completely random note: I was flipping through an old Woman's Health magazine the other day and they had a little section called '8 fat fighting secrets' or something like that. Basically it was situations that make you eat more and how you can get around them. Like apparently when we buy in bulk, we also tend to eat more within the first 8 days because there is so much food available (that would explain my in laws =) ). So the magazines tip is to divide your bulk purchases up and stash the extra away; one of those 'out of sight out of mind' kind of things.
And the situation/solution that really caught my attention was one about an office candy dish. They said to put it out of reach if it's on your desk, or put it on a shelve, or better yet get rid of it.
Basically the logic behind their solution was that if it the candy is out of reach, you'll be too lazy to get up and get it; unlike if it was right by your fingers.
........Have these people met me? Do they know how determined I am when there is candy that I like in a room? Having to get up and work for the candy would be my justification for eating it in the first place! After all I have to get up, walk over, reach all the way up there, and then walk all the way back over to my desk. I'm burning those calories man!

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Dyeforsocks1965 said...

Hahahaha! I love your logic when it comes to candy. Makes perfect sense to me.