Saturday, December 12, 2009

*sticks fingers in ears* Lalalala, I can't hear you December

It's December.
I'm not sure where all the extra days went, but I'm sure someone else stole them. Thus I am ignoring the fact that it's December and am happily walking around in my ignorance. It's sorta working for me.

My list of knitted gifts has been dramatically shortened and some items have been thrown out the window in favor if other, less time consuming projects. Like Pinky's Hat and Scarf set that I was going to make which has been transformed into a charming pair of French Press Felted Slippers; in pink naturally. With flowery buttons I'm thinking...or maybe little skulls...we'll see.
The husbands Hat/glove set is done, although I'll have to fix a few things on both. Apparently he doesn't want the circulation in his fingers to be cut off; I told him he needs to stop being such a baby.
My sister Maggie is now only getting a scarf, made out of this fuzzy yarn that I've had at the bottom of my stash for ages. It was going to be turned into arm warmers to go with the sweater our Mom made her, but you know how things go.
Katie is getting store bought socks. I don't think I'll have the time to actually make her the Bell Mitts, even though I'm thinking she would love them.
As for Chamaguchi (Brianne is her actual name but I met her online and that was her username, ergo she's Chamaguchi to me. =3 ) orange scarf, it's pretty much been at the same 6 inches that it was at in June. I'm horrible with motivation. But the way I see it, she doesn't actually know about the scarf, so I can just send it to her next year, right? Right? Anybody?

In unrelated news I am pretty much done with my shopping for the rest of my family. Safe for of course the in-laws. But when a whole family doesn't really have any interests or hobbies it's hard to shop for them! At this point I'm ready to give them all a packet of socks and call it a day.

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