Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ugh *headdesk*

That is pretty much the way I feel right now. Just, ugh. I'm so tired from Christmas and shopping, and knitting that all I want to do is sleep for the next 2 weeks.

Christmas was amazingly wonderful though. I got more stuff then I know what to do with. All my goodies from my Mom and sister for instance are still sitting in their giant box by my desk because I have no room for them. My Mother got me a ton of sock yarn from KnitPicks, as well as their cup cozy kit, which now gives me 23 more balls of yarn that I simply can not fit into my stash bin. Even with me sitting on it, it just won't fit. So they are in the box.

She also got me the most amazing drop spindles; one top whorl and one bottom whorl. They are from the Ma & Pa Spindle website. These suckers spin for nearly ever. And it makes such smooth single ply's that I keep grinning at my work in awe and periodically running to family members to shout, "Look at it! It's amazing!" The in-laws don't really understand my excitement.
I've decided that the next logical step is to buy a modest student spinning wheel, and then a sheep.

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