Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Amazing Scarf

A few months ago I thought my friend how to knit. She's still not very good at it, but getting there. When Pinky first learned she joked that her first scarf was going to look horrible, with holes all over the place. "We'll just fold it in half, and wherever there is a hole we'll put a button on the other side. You'll have a button up scarf, no biggie," I teased her. And thus was born the idea of The Amazing Scarf; or TAS for short.

It going to be a project that we are going to work on together, sending the scarf back and forth between us. Each time that we have the scarf we will work on it a little bit (for as many rows as we want), using a different pattern then the one used before. We're also making it multi-colored. Once it's all done we'll be adding pompoms, tassels, buttons, googly-eyes (as per Pinkys' request), and anything else that we could possibly think of to put into a scarf.

Now as a fellow knitter, or even as a fellow human, you might wonder "Why the hell would they do this? That's going to be hideous." And you're right, it IS going to be hideous. But we're doing this because we can. Because it gives us something funny to do when we are out of other meaningful knitting projects. And it will be a great way for both of us to expand our knitting pattern horizon (her more so then me).

We used to send this scarf via mail since she moved to Florida right before we started the scarf, but now she's back in Washington State so we don't have to anymore. Although as long as it takes that girl to make one friggen patch we might as well be. >.> Anyways, I was going to post an entry about it every time that a section was finished but pretty much spaced out about it....so here are all the posts up to now.

This section was done by me. It was the start of our scarf. I had this color left over from my first pair of socks (the ones that turned out like fish) and figured it was a great color to start with.

This charming part was done by Pinky. I think you can still see some of mine on there, but who cares.

That was done by me. I liked the color, and didn't want to put green into it just yet. The funny thing is that once Pinky got it she texted me something along the lines of "You know that's our school colors, right?" I didn't even think about that. xD

Yes, this last section is also that same pretty blue. But Pinky took the picture with the BlackBerry and I'm guessing the lighting was horrible. I like the checker board look of it though.

Now she's working with a glittery white yarn, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Why the glitter yarn? Because Pinky wanted glitter on the yarn, and who am I to deny her that joy?

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