Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Christmas list

For the past 2 years of my obsessive knitting I've made a Christmas list. Each year I start a little earlier, thinking I'll get everything done in plenty of time for Christmas with maybe even enough left over for me to make myself something. Every year, that turned out to be wrong.
This year my list is simple enough;

Brandon - Gloves and Hat
Maggie - Gloves and Hat
Cierra - Hat and scarf
Katie - Bella Mitts (yes, I have an actual pattern in mind!)
Chamaguchi - The orange scarf.

What have I accomplished so far? Brandon's hat. But I need to fix it a little because it doesn't even really fit him.
When did I start this list? In September. Yes, September!! I am that far behind already! *panic* Christmas may as well be tomorrow for all the good this friggen list is doing me. *headdesk* Damn....

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