Monday, August 13, 2012

Sheldon the Tampurtle (and the Ravellenic results)

I was knitting away furiously on Sheldon 2, trying to get him finished before the Ravellenic Games deadline of 3:59pm. It was already 1am but I was determined to finish as much as I could of the little bastard. I would NOT be defeated by a piece of knitting. I finished his body and though it would be a genius move if I put the eyes on before stuffing him (I realize that pattern also suggests that, but shut up). So with thread and needle in hand I wormed my fingers down this throat so I could give him the gift of sight...on his butt. Oh yes, in my haste to finish Sheldon 2 I had put his eyes on his butt. With a sigh I glared at him but pressed on. I could always take the eyes out later. I finished the body, finished a leg, jammed it on his body and took a picture to proudly show off my progress to my mother. Her reply was "ROFL he looks like a dumbbell with a tampon attachment!! LOL" "Great, I have a tampon turtle...a tampurtle..." I replied. The name Tampurtle kind of stuck so now he's Sheldon the Tampurtle. I also ended up knitting 5 legs instead of 4 (so I could have either made him male or given him a unicorn horn...Sheldon the UniTampurtle...oh gosh), and the back of his attachment panel is ended up a bit lose, so it looks like he has a saggy butt.

Overall I'm really happy with Sheldon 2 though; now I just have to find him a good home. I'm thinking I'll add him to some knitted hats I'll be giving to our gym owner who just had a baby boy. I was going to give it to Cierra for Leah, but honestly I don't feel like it anymore...I have yet to see her really use any of the other things I've made that child so why should I bother

During the Ravellenic game I managed to finish 4 projects. And Sheldon surprisingly took me only a day (if you don't take into account the times I had to stop for nutrients, exercise so I wouldn't be rooted to my chair, sleep, and bathroom breaks; which is a personal best for me.

I'm really happy with everything I managed to finish. The orange socks fit light a glove even though I had to fudge them a little around the heel and toe. The gray gloves came out great too, I just wish the motif on the top of the hand would have come out better; I might have to seriously block them. And I can't wait to wear that white hat. For being an acrylic/nylon blend it blocked really well too. I stretched it over a plate, which really confused the in-laws. But one would think that by now they'd be used to this kind of behavior. The only things I didn't get done were a shawl and some handspun. But I'm okay with that. Next year, I'm aiming for 5 FO's.

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