Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I wonder what he's thinking...

...my frog Fred that is, when I change his water out completely. I usually put him in a cup with his old water, swish out the rocks at the bottom of his cube, wash the sides of the cube really good, add new water, and then plop him back in. He usually freaks out for a while but then settles down. I wonder what that is like for him.
Imagine being suddenly lifted out of your home, placed into a tiny but tall room that is only wide enough for you to stand in, and when you are plopped back into your home everything has been rearranged.
I keep wanting to buy him another buddy (his old cube mate died after about a year) and a bigger bowl, but I'm worried that he'd die of shock, or that the two frogs would fight each other. ...Can they fight each other? Fred is one of those tiny African pygmy frogs that stays under water his whole life. He only comes up for air every now and again when he needs it.
If anyone knows the answer (and if my stats are right I apparently have more then one reader) leave me a comment. It would be super appreciated.

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