Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ravelympics, part 1

The ravelympics are going on at Ravelry right now. Basically knitters and crocheters try to get as many self picked projects done in the 17 days that the regular Olympics take place. Each project can be tagged under one or more "events" and you can even join teams if you want, or be a lone wolf. This is my first time take part in the ravelympics and I am a proud member of Team S.P.E.W. The first project that I am trying to get done in record time is the Lily of the Valley sock pattern, in a very pretty blue colorway called Mermaid. Here is how that sock is going so far:

Day one: Cast on...wrong number of stitches.
Cast on yet again, take sip of wine, start knitting.
Get to the first part of the billion and two lace instructions (the cuff).
Finish the cuff in record time, get another glass of wine.
Switch back to first page to read up on "Horizontal Braid" instruction.
Get confused, drink wine, complain to mother, attempt to find help on Ravelry, set knitting down with a frustrated huff and go to bed.

Day two: Stretch and pick knitting back up.
Follow Horizontal Braid direction carefully, smacking self in forehead when realizing that the instructions are super simple.
Start on the leg instruction, feeling incredibly optimistic.
Realize that I forgot 2 rows on the cuff instructions.
Tink (unknit) while grumbling to self.
Finish the cuff this time all the way.
Work on leg instructions, again.
Mess up on row 3 of leg, unknit.
Mess up again on row 3, unknit yet again, glaring at yarn the whole time.
Start on row 4, realize I've lost 3 stitches along the way, and frog the whole f-ing thing.
Grab glass of wine, and cast on to the whole thing again on DPN's this time around.

I'm hope that this will make everything easier. Since the pattern, erm, called for DPN's in the first place. But hey, I looked at it figuring that if I just place markers I could pretend I'm working with 5 DPN's instead of one circ and call it a day. After all, how hard could that be?

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Dyeforsocks1965 said... know how these " How hard can it be? " questions usually end.