Friday, July 7, 2017

Of projects and knitting mojo

November would mark the 3 year hiatus of this blog. Three years! How does that happen? I wish I could update this blog with something exciting, but it's still the same old stuff here. Work, home, garden, knit, repeat.
Work is work, my garden is doing horribly this year, and my knitting is at a bit of a stand still, because I just don't have any knitting Mojo.

But speaking of knitting Mojo, I'm forcing myself to take part in this years Camp Loopy; a online knitting camp hosted by a yarn shop in Colorado.  I say "force myself" because while I'm in love with the projects I've picked, and the yarn I've purchased, and the chatter threads are super fun to read, I don't want to work on anything. When I get home I want to sit on my couch and not do anything. Nothing is capturing my attention. 
July Camp Loopy Project
But I've finished June's project, and I'm a little bit into July's project, so we'll see how it goes! Who knows, maybe I'll even have an update in a weeks time! 

I make no promises....

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