Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer update

It'll have to be the readers digest version of an update though. There is too much to cover other wise.

After the family left on Thursday I spent the day laying around doing not much of anything. But it was nice to not have to check with the family if anyone needed the bathroom before taking a shower, and that I could simply walk from one end of the house to the other in my undies when I was getting dressed and forgot something. I think that cat enjoyed the peace and quiet too. She pretty much slept most of the day or curled up in my lap. It was a lovely 4 days.

On Friday night I received a text from my friend Diana asking if I wanted to go with her and Irma (my friends mom) to see a band. And even though I had to be up by 5am the next morning to head to Sock Summit I went with them. I didn't get back to the house until like 2:30, and didn't go to sleep until like 3:30. So with only an hour and a half of sleep under my belt I took a shower, got coffee, got dressed and then walked to the bus stop to meet my Mom so we could head to the train station and go to Sock Summit down in Oregon. It was a very, very long Saturday for me. I ended up falling asleep on the train actually. Which wouldn't have been so bad if we hadn't been opposite these two "interesting" men. Talk about awkward.

Sock Summit was a blast though. We got to meet some of the ladies from Ravelry, and proudly wore our Minion hats for one of them. The inside joke with that is that my Mom is knitforfoods (Rav name) Minion and that I'm my Mom's minion. So Kelley's Mini-Minion? We walked around the market place, bought yarn and roving, I got to try out a spinning wheel again and did much better this time around. So much better in fact that mom is thinking about buying me one at the Madrona Fiber Festival in February. The festival is conveniently located in Tacoma (although the name makes me think of the Midwest) so we'll probably make another day trip out of it. On Sunday I did nothing again. Just walked around in my PJ's.

Monday marked the beginning of my Texas adventure, and quite frankly I have never been this exhausted on Vacation before. Ever. I won't give you all the horrible I-wanna-hit-you-with-a-blunt-object details, but it all started on Monday when DH wouldn't stop calling me while I was at the airport! Cierra had picked me up late from my house, so when DH called the first time I was in the car and couldn't hear him. Told him I'd call him back inside the airport. Call 2 came through as I was in the checked baggage line after I had texted him that I had agreed to be on the "later flight" list. I didn't know the family had plans already for that afternoon and that I couldn't fly in later. Call 3 came in as I was hustling up the security line. Call 4 (this time for FIL) came in as I hurried across the terminal to get to my gate. Until then I had already picked up said "Not now!" and hung back up. FIL informed me that I could not be on a later flight. They had plans to see the Alamo and so I needed to fly in on time, so to please tell the front desk to take me off the list. Done. Call 5 came as I was talking to said front desk ladies. Call 6 came in as I was sitting at the gate, taking a deep breath, and pretending that the family wasn't stressing me out. I let that call go to voice mail too. Then I got a text from SIL who wanted to confirm I would be on time. I said yes, and that was the end of it.

After a relatively easy going flight (although my tummy did not enjoy descending into Austin) I was swept away into Grandmother Cardwell's car (she drives like she has a death wish), arrived at the Alamo, was hurried around, got stressed out and fed up when people were arguing back and forth about going here and there, and by the time I finally was able to eat something (did I mention I hadn't eaten in 15 hours by then?) I was ready to slap people. I dread to think how short I was with our poor waitress.

The rest of the 10 days was pretty much the same. Between the constant driving around and the bickering between DH, SIL, and BIL, I'm sure I got a gray hair or two somewhere. On the bright side I ended up with a great little tan because I spent most of my time outside away from them.

Second Day we went to Seaworld. And since we got there in the early hours we managed to do everything. Third day we stayed at a cabin resort where I lounged by the pool all day long and wadded in the nearby river when the others napped. Day four and five saw us mostly on the road, going from one place to another and then to another. It was a great, crammed 4 hour drive either direction. We spent the next three days on the lake, where I got to go tubing for the first time ever. It's a ton of fun, and once I went out on my own (before I'd gone with SIL and DH) they had to work to toss me off. Working out pays off after all. =) On day nine MIL, FIL, SIL, one of Brandon's Uncles and Aunt, and I visited two vineyards were we did wine tastings. We bought two Orange Muscato's from Vineyard #1, and a Port from Vineyard #2. Delicious.

I now also know that Brandon's family is friggen huge. I think I met like 30 people during the Short family reunion and according to MIL that's not even all of them. O.O Is it too late to change my mind about being married?

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